Pacific Southwest Airlines

I trained a few PSA crews and what I remember most about working with them is that all they cared about was how fast they could fly from LAX to SFO. Speed and time were everything to them. Could the TriStar do it faster than a B-727? You’ll have to ask ATC since that affected the times more than anything else.

I’m not sure why PSA bought the L-1011 since it was not designed to be a short haul jetliner. But they did and after a few years they realized it was not designed to be a short haul airliner. Duh! They bought 5 planes and used only two extensively until they realized the TriStar was not a short haul plane and it did not have the fast turn around times PSA required. They never used the other three they had on order.

You’ll remember PSA had converted the lower cargo hold into a lounge. Here is a photo of it.