All Nipon Airways

ANA sent a lot of crews to us for training. Their pilots were really good. In the simulator I saw many Captains make a 360 degree turn on their first try and the altimeter never moved! The tolerance was 100 feet plus or minus and the altimeter always moved a little. But the ANA pilots could make a first time full turn in the simulator and do it perfectly. They were really good pilots.

During their simulator check rides, they wore their full uniforms (something the US pilots never did) and white leather gloves.

When I taught ground school for ANA, I noticed more than one pilot cheating on the final test. They would pull out little notes of paper, look something up, then put the paper back in their pocket.

Other than that one issue in ground school they were pretty sharp pilots and flight engineers. It made my job easier as an instructor. I flew a lot of ANA training flights in the TriStar.