Actual In Flight Check Ride


And this is the one and only picture (above) someone took of me in ship #1001 during my FAA check ride. This was on December 14, 1972. There were actually 3 other flight engineers getting their check rides during this flight: Barry Bronson, Jim Irving and Carl Meyerholtz. One of them must have taken my picture and I believe it was Jim Irving. I spoke to Jim recently and he said he remembers taking pictures that day in the plane. We took turns in the FE seat on this FAA check ride, which was uneventful.

Below is one of the more famous pictures (circa 1970) of this same ship #1001 (S/N1001) which was the first L-1011 built and was the one that made the first flight in Nov of 1969. This photo shows Captain Hank Dees in the right seat showing Eastern Airlines CEO Frank Borman how the Tristar handles in flight.

L1011 Eastern Frank Borman