Art “The Wide Bodied Test Pilot” ???

I’m sorry I can’t remember Art’s last name but he was a production pilot and I flew on many production flights with him. Art was a very professional and disciplined production pilot. On one production flight, a night flight, we were at altitude and got a flight controls jam warning light. Art was cool and I was nervous. I watched closely as Art tried to move the control wheel to see if we really did have a flight control jam or if it was a glitch warning light. When I saw the control wheel moved I was finally able to breathe again. Art was cool and relaxed.

On another production flight I was on as the FE, this one a day time flight, just at lift off we got a leading edge slats unlock light. Without missing a beat, Art said to me “lock the slats” and he continued to rotate. I locked them and to my relief, we were able to lift off and climb. If the slats were indeed not in the down position, we would not have been able to lift off the runway.

Art was always one cool production pilot.