John Wells

John Wells…ah yes one of our training pilots. I never really got to fly with John too much even tho we both worked in the training department. John seemed to always be the one to get assigned with one of our customers at their location to help them put the Tristar into service. He seemed to always be travelling.

One day, John was back in the office, having returned from one of his over seas trips and needed a calculator to help figure out his expense report. He came into my office which was a shared office with Jim Irving, Carl Meyerholtz and Barry Bronson and he borrowed a calculator from Barry. About 15 minutes later he came back into our office, a bit upset because the batteries in the calculator had run down and he lost all his expense report calculations. I remember John being upset by this, while Barry was quite amused by it and we all kind of had a good laugh at John’s expense. Funny the things you remember after so many years.

I heard after John left Lockheed that he went to work in┬áSaudi Arabia and held a high position within their country’s aviation division.

Last updated 06/23/13