Chuck Hall (Bio)

Chuck Hall Cockpit photo

Chuck Hall was the Chief Training Pilot for the L-1011. I didn’t get to fly a lot with Chuck because of his management duties. The few times we did fly the L-1011 together was when the pilot instructors and flight engineer instructors needed to get current again for an upcoming customer flight crew training program. Chuck would fly in the right seat as the Check Captain while the instructor pilots would take their turns making their landings from the left seat. When Chuck made his landings, one of the pilots commented, I recall, how Chuck could always make the smoothest landings despite not being able to fly on an almost daily basis. Chuck had a good feel for flying.

I was able to recently track down Chuck by going to his website and he provided me with the following information as his bio to what he has been up to since leaving Lockheed:

“My website pretty much tells what I’ve been doing in retirement.  The two outstanding things have been my starting Chuck Hall Aviation in 1983, which has been very successful, and flying air shows with my P-51D Mustang as a contract Pilot for the USAF in the Heritage Flight program.  I did that for ten years, and it was one of the highlights of my career. My website will give you details on that program.  I’m still flying air shows, doing an aerobatic routine with my Mustang.”

Chuck Hall CaliforniaHF2

Chuck Hall CaliforniaHF4

Last updated 07/19/13